Sports have this amazing, unique way of creating a positive impact in society and making a difference on a daily basis. Sports provide a platform for people to come together and support each other. They have the power to lift people up in times of turmoil like our current situation. There is a certain togetherness, a camaraderie that total strangers can achieve simply by virtue of training and racing side by side. 

In light of the recent race cancellations, the increase in virtual races, has brought this passion back to life. We have a platform that we can identify with. We can spectate and participate as we build that race venue all within the confines of our own homes during these social distancing times. 

Virtual races are a fun way of staying physically fit or creating that fitness bump we all desire. It gives you the chance to work on your personal best and gain the confidence to know that you reached your goals and finished your race. 

When you are running your virtual race, you get the chance to run at your own pace. You have the opportunity to test new race distances with ease. You can add in gear testing and fueling options. 

Virtual races give athletes a sense of community, even if they live in rural areas.

Virtual races are beginner friendly too. They enable you to join the community and encourage you to challenge yourself, without the pressures and stress of competing with other athletes. You can race with friends and test the waters of something new.

Racing can also ignite the passion of veterans to the sport. A little friendly rivalry can push you out of your comfort zone which is harder to achieve when solo.

These races offer flexibility of being able to race anywhere, convenience of time and money and often blocks of time to complete the race.

Virtual races aren’t intimidating; they’re light-hearted.

Racing and sports are emotional, and they can ignite passion. Sometimes it’s joyful, and other times it’s not. But anytime something can bring out that range of extreme raw emotion in people, it’s a good thing. If you are on the fence try one of these races, do it. They are a safe way to venture into new territory, providing platform to connect with fellow athletes and coaches. 

Happy Racing.