Bike Services

STAC Bike Scan

A 360 degree scan is performed while you sit on your bike in aero position. After processing you are given analysis-based feedback on recommendations for the most aero positions. Helmet, head position, nutrition and hydration location are all considered. By manipulating a 3D model of you on your bike, STAC can run comparisons of a number of configurations and positions, providing alternative solutions for your set up.


These sessions with are ideal if you have unanswered questions about your bike and aero position. We perform the scan, all we need is your bike, a bike trainer, your race gear and time to review after it is processed.


Swim Analysis

Why Get a Swim analysis?
One of the biggest barriers into triathlon is the fear of swimming. Many athletes can swim across the pool without drowning but asking them to swim a length of the pool is exhausting let alone jumping into an open body of water. Whether a seasoned swimmer or newbie an analysis can aid in stroke improvement and efficiency and maximize your training potential. 



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