It’s an unusual time right now with the situation we are in with our world affairs. With quarantines and directives for social distancing our indoor trainers allow us to continue on our training plans with greater ease. Training can help manage stress, boost the immune system and improve energy levels. We have outlined a few tips below to to increase engagement and keep those training session effective.

Staging your surroundings

If you have a place set up for your training, with minimal distractions its easy to not be sidelined with excuses. It you are using this location often make it a bit more permanent to minimize set up time. Make this space cool and well ventilated, adding in a fan when needed. 


Online training programs have opened up a whole new world of indoor training particularly with a smart trainer. Workouts can be chosen, grade can be altered, races entered and group rides. This can help provide focus and purpose with workouts and even foster a competitive environment. 

Set a goal

Establishing a workout goal can foster motivation and keep workouts and your training plan on point. Knowing your “why” for each workout and the plan ahead encourages engagement and satisfaction with accomplishment. 

Get Social

Organizing a meet up on social platforms with others is a great way to engage in sessions. Knowing someone is working along with you can add motivation and drive to your workout.

Get Creative 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with workouts to keep variety and appeal.  Try different warm-ups, grade, cadences, interval lengths, and recoveries. This helps maintain consistent effort but decreases training monotony and helps pass the time quickly.

A few tips to make indoor sessions more enjoyable and engaging. Having technology at at our fingers tips during this time enables camaraderie all the while maintaining social distancing.

Happy Training.