“Blueshift” refers to the shift in wavelengths of light toward the blue end of the spectrum as an object moves toward us in space.

Blue10 was created with the idea of aligning people with their goals.  Through online training plans and additive services we strive to offer an accessible, integrated approach to triathlon training. Our website is where we provide a network of information. Where athletes can gain awareness, share stories, support each other and plan together.

Our mission is to provide an inclusive environment, where athletes can develop their skills and foster an appreciation for triathlon. We strive to grow athletes through knowledge, guidance in training and events, while fostering a sense of personal growth and sportsmanship.

Triathlon involves countless hours of training and scheduling. It challenges us on every level we can imagine, yet it is all worthwhile.

Remember that you are embarking on an incredible sport that will transcend itself into every aspect of your life .